Jersey 2100, 2009

Group exhibition
Westmount studios and gallery, Jersey
22 August – 26 August 2009

'Jersey 2100' group exhibition 2009Jersey 2100 is an exhibition featuring local artists and designers set out to explore quite simply ‘what will Jersey be like in 100 years?’

A lot has changed is the past 100 years. From the personal computer to the high-definition television, we are surrounded by objects and gadgets that arguably make our lives at work more manageable and pleasurable. No one from the past could of predicted the technologies readily available to us today. In more recent times we’ve seen the talking point of global warming become one of the most talked about issues affecting the world.

How much will  climate and technological developments effect the way we live in another 100 years time?

Karen Le Roy Harris’ work explores the term ‘fusion’ which is new form of energy scientists are trying to develop as well as this term being used to interpret other new technologies such as using artificial and animal body parts for human surgical operations.


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