Carte Blanche, 2010

Group exhibition
Old Abattoir site, Liberty Wharf, Jersey
13th November 2010 – 11th December 2010

LConstricted dress and studyiberty Wharf becomes host to an exciting exhibition of contemporary artwork in the stunning new retail development at the site of the old abattoir. The exhibition features a diverse collection of work ranging from paintings, mixed media stencil/graffiti and drawings to sculpture, ceramics and installations.

A number of local artists are exhibiting, including Red Dot members Jason Butler and Ian Rolls, and other talented local artists such as Chantal Venton as well as Swiss artist Rosalind Monks.

Local artist Karen Le Roy Harris organised the event as well as exhibiting her work. Karen first saw the site on the National Trust open day; “I fell in love with it. After several discussions with Ray Cooper, manager of the site about opportunities for visual arts, I was given the unique chance to put together an exhibition for one of the empty units. Like the name of the Liberty Wharf site itself the title of the exhibition ‘carte blanche’ signifies freedom, to live as you want and express yourself, whilst also evoking the blank canvas that inspires the artist to work.”

Like flies to flesh, installation. Karen Le Roy Harris Like flies to flesh, installation Carte Blanche - Karen Le Roy Harris Constriction dress - Karen Le Roy Harris 'Carte Blanche,' group exhibition 2010 'Carte Blanche,' group exhibition 2010 Constricted dress and study - Karen Le Roy Harris 'Carte Blanche,' Rosalind Monks 'Carte Blanche,' Evil Spoons 'Carte Blanche' - Clare Ormsby, Karen Le Roy Harris Carte Blanche - Chantal Venton Carte Blanche - Chantal Venton 'Carte Blanche,' Corey Moore Carte Blanche - Theresa Robinson Carte Blanche - Clare Ormsby 'Carte Blanche,' group exhibition 2010


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