Constriction Series

Constriction study 1 Constricted dress and study

Constriction dress - Karen Le Roy Harris Constricted dress and study - Karen Le Roy Harris Constriction Constriction study 1 constriction3 Constriction study 3

This series of work Constriction looks at costume making and the body. The materials chosen were a direct response to Liberty Wharf where the exhibition Carte Blanche was held in the few weeks before the new site opened. Artists often scavenge, seeing the beauty and potential in abandoned materials and with industrial materials scattered about the place an idea for a sculpture emerged. Taking these found materials, mainly electrical wires; I constructed a dress and contrasted it with softer fabrics. I intended the dress to reveal how it had been made with its skeleton clearly on show. The wire is woven and bound in a restrictive corset-like fashion. From this sculpture I created a collection of studies.


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