DRAW group exhibitions 2004-6

Whilst studying in Bristol I formed part of a student exhibition group called DRAW. Drawing underpinned all out work and tied us together as a group. The work reflected how drawing retains its power and remains a vital tool for exploring contemporary ideas.

Whilst I was in Bristol we put on several exhibition outside of the university:

first few 2

First Few

November 2004

Octagon gallery, Thornbury, Bristol.

Second Site

January 2005

Hengrove School, Bristol

Drawing About

March 2006

Sherwell Gallery, Plymouth

Secont Site, 2005 'Second Site' exhbition, 2005 'Drawing about' group exhibition 2006 'Drawing about' group exhibition 2006 'Drawing About,' group exhibition, 2006 'Second site,' DRAW group, 2005 Second site,' DRAW group, 2005 Green abstract painting Rock formations Bristol gorge first few 2


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