Dunham’s Lost Years – National Trust

Lost CountessI was commissioned by Outside Studios in conjunction with National Trust to create two site specific installations for their latest interpretation ‘Dunham’s Lost Years’ currently on show at Dunham Massey in Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 4SJ.

National Trust: “Immerse yourself in Victorian grandeur as chandeliers, grand paintings and luxurious silk see the House transformed to tell a tale of love and loss.

Eighteen year old George Harry became the 7th Earl in 1845 when he inherited Dunham Massey to become the wealthiest and most titled young man of the time.

When he rebelled against the expectations of polite Victorian society to marry skilled circus performer Catharine Cox, the effects of their controversial love-match reverberated across the whole estate.

Shunned by society, the 7th Earl and Catharine abandoned Dunham Massey. As their heavily laden carriages rolled along the tree-lined avenues of the Deer Park, Dunham’s history was changed forever.”








The Green Silk Room shows a sense of loss experienced by Countess Catherine and her isolation from her social circles she was excluded from. This morning room designed for her to entertain was left unfulfilled. A sense of loss, faded glamour, absence and faded presence fills the room.

The Chapel reflects members of the community and their feelings on how they’ll be affected by George and Catherine leaving Dunham Massey. From House-keepers to Head gardeners; their prayer books have been over-layed with hand printed imagery that reflects upon their thoughts.


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