Collage Drawings Series

Series of Collage Drawings

Leda & the swan (performance)

Collaborative work with performer Sheri Burt and musician A l b e r t.

The Past Unravels (commission)

Solo exhibition of commissioned site-specific work at the Merchant’s House, Jersey Museum.

Constriction Series

Series sculpture and drawing titled ‘Constriction’ looking at costume and the body.

Vanita Series

A series of work interpreting traditional Vanita Painting and their symbolism. This series explores the fleeting nature of life, moments of life and moment of death and decay.

Dancing figures (installation)

An installation of two dancing figures and children’s chair aimed to provoke a narrative.

Drawing the body

Moving away from abstract forms into a more representational figurative form. Using materials to sculpt forms and make costumes that are then staged and drawn using pastels.

Sculpture and Photography

Work from my Masters degree MA research. Experimenting with how to sculpt the body and looking at issues of sexuality and the body.

Sculpture & Installation

Sculpting the body using fabrics. Creating abstract representations of the body and looking at ideas of containment and resisting the ideal form. Embracing the monstrous body.

Private Commissions

This gallery contains work I have been commissioned to produce.


Media press cuttings – magazines, newspapers etc and publications.