Installation ‘Like flies to flesh’

Like flies to flesh, installationThis installation ‘Like flies to flesh’ is a combination of ideas I’ve been working on that I’ve brought together in this installation at Hamptonne Country life museum.  The suspended dress you see in the installation is the the dress being worn by the female in the large drawing. My work usually always stems from me making where I’m able to visualize my ideas with more clarity. I will then draw what I’ve created – in a sense creating my own still life. The suspended flesh pieces are my latest creation that will no doubt become drawings in the near future.

The suspended carcasses are an idea I’ve had in my mind for quite some time. Attracted to the flesh are butteflies fluttering towards it like a swarm of flies to rotting meet. “Are these the eyes of the crown attracted by the imminent spectacle of torture? But why would these absurd eyes be attaracted, like a cloud of flies by something so repugnant?” (Georges Bataille, Visions of Excess). In my work I intend to create conflicting ideas and materials such as the beautiful delicate butterflies and contrast these signs of beauty and life with ideas of death and disgust; the hanging carcasses. Like artists Helen Chadwick’s ‘loop my loop’ where she uses pig gut and golden braids, I take materials with opposing ideas and make them work harmoniously together.

My installation piece 'Like flies to flesh' with 'Vanita drawing'

I have been influenced by artists such as Helen Chadwick and Cathy De Monchaux for their beautiful yet often sinister creations and Kiki Smith because of the very visceral reality of her work. I am also interested in writers such as Julia Kristeva who explores ideas around abjection, and Angela Carter and Georges Bataille whose stories often use a very romanticized language which seduces you into reading them and enjoying some of their unpleasant truths.


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