Less writing more drawing please!

I’ve seem to have spent the last month or more writing rather then drawing. With several proposals on the go and working on this new website –  all important things to be doing, but also I can’t wait to get drawing. Juggling so many things in life in order to be an artist can at times leave you with little time to be just that. Anyway, I must be patient and let the ideas bubble in my brain – soon I will be able to satisfy my artistic urges.  This is what I’ve been working on:

1. Museum Proposal

I met with  Jersey Heritage, as for some time now I’ve been wanting to plan my next solo exhibition and really push my installation work. I’ve always thought the Merchant’s house would make a fantastic site specific exhibition space for my installations. The first part went really well and Heritage seem really on board with the idea. I also met with heritage to discuss the history of the house and the family that lived there. I’m now working on plans for the rooms and doing more research on living in the 1800’s. Next stage is to find someone to fund the project – this is the difficult bit – wish me luck!

2. Town Park Public Art Proposal

I turned over a new leaf this year to seize every opportunity. I usually don’t apply for public art pieces as I feel overwhelmed by the fabrication of a public sculpture. But I decided this shouldn’t stop me and that like so many artists – Anish Kapoor for example, I can just get someone else to help make it. After all the idea is really the most important bit. I spent a week brainstorming ideas and speaking with engineers about fabricating it and came up with a proposal I submitted Monday (10th Jan 2011). The process of thinking about my practice interpreted in new materials – metals and fibreglass – was really exciting. I’ve always been a hands on person and the thought of welding is so exciting. I also met with artist Clare Ormsby and we came up with a list of design ideas that would be intrinsic to the design and function of the park e.g. designing the children’s play area and seating area. I will let you know if I/we hear back. Fingers crossed.

3. National Gallery proposal

Still very much at the initial stages with this and working once again with my partner in crime Clare Ormsby. After the success of the Carte Blanche exhibition at the new Liberty Wharf Site, I felt like the States of Jersey had missed a great opportunity. Why not in the agreement to lease to Harcourt developments did they not consider a gallery space to bring something different and cultural to the space. Once again money and commercialism takes precedence over culture. The way I see it there’s so much talk about a National Gallery which would be amazing but it’s going to cost millions and I can’t see it happening for another decade. Why not rent one of the units at Liberty Wharf as an acorn. An easy manageable space that could be the start of the National Gallery and which one day could move and develop into something much bigger. But start small and get it done.

4. Writing this blog

As I write this blog I realise I am still writing rather then drawing, but I have promised myself to dedicate time each week to write a blog and keep people up to date on what I’m doing. So when you don’t see any new drawings appearing I can prove to you I’m not being lazy and that I can look back and hopefully think – Karen, you’ve been busy.


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