Murmurations exhibition and open studios




Karen Le Roy Harris | Ellen Tovey

Exhibition Opening Times:
Exhibition will be open in conjunction with Bow Arts Open Studios: 
Friday 17 June 6-9pm
Saturday 18 June 1-6pm 
Murmurations exhibition continues…
Private view: Saturday 18 June 6-9pm
Sunday 19 June 1-6pm. 
Or by appointment 

Bow Arts, Studio E1-1, 183 Bow Road, London, E3 2SJ
(Studio down alley past Nunnery Gallery, door right of cafe entrance)

Murmurations is an exhibition of new work by Ellen Tovey and Karen Le Roy Harris. Exploring dualities; layered meaning and media bleed into one another moving from painting into sculptural forms.

Both artists’ work whilst grounded in physical reality hints at the intangible, ascending from the everyday, ordinary objects become transformed and surfaces breach the canvas. Tovey’s work is born of the internal world made visual, whilst Le Roy Harris scrutinises the physical through research into the boundaries of the body.

Ascending bodies, spilling flesh, spiralling birds, diminishing abundance,  cracked carcasses, haemorrhaging plates, encroaching figures, embody the space in a murmur of a shadow world.

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