Red Dot Sale, 2009

Group event and exhibition
The Grand Hotel, Jersey
Thursday 26th November 2009, 5:30 – 10pm

A unique mix of 15 both well known and up and coming artists will be showing their work at this exciting event. From painting and drawing to sculpture, ceramics and illustration; each artist works with their own individual themes and influences making for a diverse display of work. Playing on stage at the event will be a new band called The Mulburys with their fresh, summery infusion of jazz, reggae and rock.

This refreshing event has been put together by a group of local artists Nick Romeril, Jason Butler, Karen Le Roy Harris, Ian Rolls and Theresa Robinson. Also greatly involved and Chairman of the group is Rod Bryans.

“Its no accident that when artists get together with a collective aim their successes are remembered long after they have gone. Even greater is how they have inspired other artists or groups to get together and create new collectives, new art. Everyone craves opportunity but it’s a sweeter deal if you can create your own. Ideas that challenge peoples perceptions, change their views about life or provoke open discourse are generally found in the hands of artists.” (Rod Bryans)


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