Sculpture and Photography

Work from my Masters degree MA research. Experimenting with how to sculpt the body and looking at issues of sexuality and the body.
Flower exposed sequence 2Flower exposed sequence 4Expulsion (Flower exposed sequence 6)

Indulgence Museum Installation Bloody Rose Coy Coy, Georgian House Beneath the covers Blood red rose (framed) Battle Triptych Engulf Triptych Flesh Triptych Blood Red Flower Triptych Flower exposed sequence Flower exposed sequence 2 Flower exposed sequence 3 Flower exposed sequence 4 Flower exposed sequence 5 Flower exposed sequence 6 Expulsion (Flower exposed sequence 6) flower/fur sequence Flowers Museum Flesh Flesh 2 Skin Skin 2 Oozing Succulent 3 Succulent Torn Flesh Torn Sculpting the body Bathing MA Studio wax sculpture in wooden box Wax prop 6 Wax prop 5 Wax prop 4 Wax prop 3 Wax prop 2 Wax props Stitched and folded Stitched and folded Stitched and folded detail Stitched and folded detail Scar Legs sculpture detail Wax sculpture Legs sculpture Peeling back


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