Stour Space Collective Exhibition

'Maybe Russell Brand will come'

Group exhibition
Stour Space
Fri 5 Dec 2014 – Mon 2 Feb 2015
Celebrating Stour Space’s 7th collective show.

Participating artists: Isabella Allen & Natalie Martin, John Atherton, Daisy Bentley, Marie-Taos Dyvorne, Joanna Georgiades, Kevin Gras, Ben Gostling, Stuart Grist, Devorah Hall, Karen Le Roy Harris, Mira Iwanik, Gunther Jancke, Lily McCallin, Neil McDonald, Amy McSimpson, Molly Owen, Jamie Shaw, Hannah Jane Smith, Alexis Zelda Stevens, Ellen Tovey.

The annual Collective exhibition provides an opportunity to engage with this creative community and experience their work first hand within the context of the space in which they work.

On show will be a diverse range of art practices, from illustration and print work to sculpture, photography, painting and jewellery design.

Stour Space
7 Roach Road
London, E3 2PA
Image featured – Stuart Grist & Karen Le Roy Harris

The image featured here is the latest collaboration between myself and artist Stuart Grist.

The work is a post-modern work that looks at borrowing and re-appropriating imagery from other artists. In this case the drawing is a copy of a Lee Broom artwork with the foreground plinth & sculpture being replaced with a fashion print of a female figure. This collaboration questions authorship. The vapid image of a fashion model who appears as though on a stage with the curtain backdrop reflects our current age of commercialism and performance and celebrity.

The title ‘Maybe Russell Brand will come’ is a reflection on popular culture and the fact that Russell Brand recently came to view the studios – we thought he’d be able to afford it! The price of the piece started at £10,000 but decreases throughout the show.


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