Red Dot present Hamptonne, 2010

Group exhibition and event of art, poetry and music. Hamptonne Country Life museum, Jersey Friday 28th May 2010 – Monday 31st May 2010 19 local visual artists will take over Hamptonne Country Farm in order to showcase a contemporary fine art event. The aim is to provide a relaxed but stimulating exhibition for the public. The red dot group wants to show how contemporary art can work within an historic setting. The exhibits will be site specific... Read More

Red Dot Sale, 2009

Group event and exhibition The Grand Hotel, Jersey Thursday 26th November 2009, 5:30 – 10pm A unique mix of 15 both well known and up and coming artists will be showing their work at this exciting event. From painting and drawing to sculpture, ceramics and illustration; each artist works with their own individual themes and influences making for a diverse display of work. Playing on stage at the event will be a new band called The... Read More

Landscapes 2002-4

Old work. Experimenting with my new surroundings when studying in Bristol. Mostly mixed media abstract paintings.  Read More

Work in progress

I’ve been working on a new drawing. It’s based on the workshops I ran at Hautlieu School with the students looking at the body as costume and the theatrical scenes that were set up. I still have a way to go – it’s a large scale image about 4ft by 7ft. Here is what it looks like so far – you can see it progressing:  Read More

Artist in residence, La Hougue Bie, 2009

I spent several months working on my drawings at La Hougue Bie in Jersey in the summer 2009 . La Hougue Bie is a Neolithic site managed by Jersey Heritage. At the site their is a Medieval chapel on top of a mound with a passage grave running through it. A peaceful location to work and set in beautiful grounds with picnic areas. In the room where I worked there was an exhibition of Hautlieu school students artwork. During my months there members... Read More

Madonna – finished piece

I’ve recently finished the large scale drawing I was working on at Hautlieu school and La Hougue Bie. My work is moving in a slightly different direction although still maintaing similar concepts. The work has always been figurative but has become less abstract in it’s form. This drawing is influenced by Baroque painting and the idea has developed from a costume workshop I ran, where we also modelled the costumes and staged photographs. The process... Read More