Vanita collection concept

The concept of this collection of work came from looking at traditional 18th century Vanita paintings, which contained symbolic objects that often looked at the fleeting nature of life. The irony was that these paintings commenting on life, wealth and the pointlessness of commodities became just that and were extremely popular paintings in their own right. The idea for the dress came from studying decaying flowers (often depicted in Vanita’s):... Read More

Installation ‘Like flies to flesh’

This installation ‘Like flies to flesh’ is a combination of ideas I’ve been working on that I’ve brought together in this installation at Hamptonne Country life museum.  The suspended dress you see in the installation is the the dress being worn by the female in the large drawing. My work usually always stems from me making where I’m able to visualize my ideas with more clarity. I will then draw what I’ve created – in a... Read More