Open Studios & directory launch

Group exhibition Winward House, St Helier, Jersey 3rd June 2010 – 11th June 2010 As part of this years open studios put together by the Jersey Arts Trust there will also be an artist directory featuring local artists that will be distributed around the island – a great resource if you want to know about the variety of different local artists. The exhibition to launch the artist directory and open studios is held in an empty office space... Read More

Vanita Series

A series of work interpreting traditional Vanita Painting and their symbolism. This series explores the fleeting nature of life, moments of life and moment of death and decay. To find out more about the ideas visit my blog post Like flies to flesh and Vanita concept.                          Read More

Dancing figures (installation)

        An installation of two dancing figures and children’s chair with ballet shoes. The installation included classical music playing which helped create movement in the dancing figures. The dress is from the Vanita collection. The drawing/painting in this room was a collaborative piece with artist Clare Ormsby. The installation aims to provoke a narrative. The dress represents flesh and decay, yet there is a timeless quality to the... Read More

Artist in residence, La Hougue Bie, 2009

I spent several months working on my drawings at La Hougue Bie in Jersey in the summer 2009 . La Hougue Bie is a Neolithic site managed by Jersey Heritage. At the site their is a Medieval chapel on top of a mound with a passage grave running through it. A peaceful location to work and set in beautiful grounds with picnic areas. In the room where I worked there was an exhibition of Hautlieu school students artwork. During my months there members... Read More

Fleshly Gestures exhibition – last week

My exhibition Fleshly Gestures finishes this week, so make sure you see it before I take it down this Saturday. I’m really pleased with how it has all come together and hope that those of who have seen it have enjoyed the exhibition. I have had some really positive feedback. I also have images from the exhibition and the private view. So take a look.  Read More