Collage Drawings Series

A series of experimental collage drawings using mixed media – drawing, fabric, ink, print, pencil, photography on paper and fabric. I’ve been exploring both mark making and narrative in relation to the body.  Through both collecting images and re-using my own photography – incorporating past work that uses myself performing in costumes I’ve sewn. I’m investigating placing the body into different narratives and spaces to give... Read More

Constriction Series

This series of work Constriction looks at costume making and the body. The materials chosen were a direct response to Liberty Wharf where the exhibition Carte Blanche was held in the few weeks before the new site opened. Artists often scavenge, seeing the beauty and potential in abandoned materials and with industrial materials scattered about the place an idea for a sculpture emerged. Taking these found materials, mainly... Read More

Private Commissions

This gallery contains work I have been commissioned to produce. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss a commission. Interpretation of Jacob Epstein’s Rock Drill:                               Commission for a private collector. Pastel and pencil drawing looking at a Peruvian mummy:  Read More

Madonna – finished piece

I’ve recently finished the large scale drawing I was working on at Hautlieu school and La Hougue Bie. My work is moving in a slightly different direction although still maintaing similar concepts. The work has always been figurative but has become less abstract in it’s form. This drawing is influenced by Baroque painting and the idea has developed from a costume workshop I ran, where we also modelled the costumes and staged photographs. The process... Read More